Minnesota scrap metal prices

Scrap Metal Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum Alloy$0.69
Steel Scrap$0.17
Steel Rebar$0.26

Last Updated On 2023-10-11

Scrap Aluminum Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum 1100$0.69
Aluminum 3003$0.69
Aluminum 356 Wheels (clean)$0.69
Aluminum 356 Wheels (dirty)$0.49
Aluminum 5052 Scrap$0.93
Aluminum 6061 Extrusions$0.61
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions$0.81
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions/Fe$0.59
Aluminum/Cu Radiators$1.62
Aluminum/Cu/Fe Radiators$1.50
Aluminum Radiators$0.39
Aluminum/Fe Radiators$0.29
Breakage 50% Recovery$0.22
Chrome Wheels$0.65
E.C. Wire$1.07
Litho Sheets$0.69
Mixed Turnings$0.40
MLC Clips$0.68
Aluminum Old Cast$0.66
Aluminum Old Sheet$0.65
Painted Siding$0.64
Zorba 90% NF$0.65
Aluminum Cans (clean)$0.50
Aluminum Cans (dirty)$0.25

Scrap Brass Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Red Brass$1.87
Yellow Brass$1.76
Brass Rod$1.71
Brass Hair Wire$1.84
Brass Pipe$1.67
Brass Radiators$1.42
Brass Shells$1.58
Brass Turnings$1.61
Bronze Turnings$1.00
Dirty Brass$0.84
Dirty Brass Radiators$0.84
Plumbers Brass$1.67
Semi-Red Brass$1.70

Scrap Copper Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire$3.14
#1 Copper Tubing$2.93
#1 Flashing Copper$2.93
#2 Copper Tubing$2.77
#2/3 Mix Copper$2.68
#3 Copper with Tar$2.51
#3 Roofing Copper$2.60
Dirty Roofing Copper$2.43
Electric Motors — Copper$2.18
Enameled Copper$2.47
Insulated Copper Wire$2.51
Lead Coated Copper$2.12
Silver Plated Copper$2.68
Tin Coated Copper$2.35
Tin Insulated Copper Wire$2.35

Scrap Lead Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Lead Batteries$0.20
Lead Shot$0.45
Lead Wheel Weights$0.29
Solid Lead$0.61
Soft Lead$0.63

Scrap Zinc Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
New Zinc Die Cast$0.69
Old Zinc Die Cast$0.59

Scrap Gold Prices

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce
9ct Gold$21.69$674.78
14ct Gold$33.84$1,052.67
18ct Gold$43.39$1,349.60
22ct Gold$52.99$1,648.28
24ct Gold$57.85$1,799.27

Scrap Prices for other Precious Metals

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce

Scrap Prices for Steel per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
#1 Bundle$0.09
#1 Busheling$0.09
#1 HMS$0.07
HMS 80/20$0.06
Sheet Metal$0.05
Shredded Auto Scrap$0.07
Structural Steel$0.07

Scrap Prices for Stainless Steel per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
201 SS$0.28
301 SS$0.41
304 SS Solid$0.59
304 SS Turning$0.51
309 SS$0.77
310 SS$1.17
316 SS Solid$0.77
330 SS$1.90

Scrap Prices for other Ferrous Metals per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Scrap #1 Prepared$0.07
Scrap #2 Prepared$0.08
Scrap #1 Unprepared$0.06
Scrap #2 Unprepared$0.06
Scrap Auto Slabs Whole$0.06
Scrap Cast Iron$0.10
Scrap Dishwashers$0.06
Scrap Dryers$0.06
Scrap Oversize Torch$0.09
Scrap Rebar$0.19
Scrap Washing Machines$0.06
Scrap Water Heaters$0.06

Legal Mandates

Updated January 2014

***Effective 8/1/2013

State Requirements

In order to sell scrap metal, sellers will be required to:

  • Allow a copy of the seller’s a driver’s license or state ID card 
  • Sign a statement indicating that they are the owner of or are authorized to sell the metal;
  • Sign a statement that they have not been convicted of metal theft 

Buyer’s must:

  • Record license plate number and description of sellers vehicle used to transport scrap
  • Keep an electronic record of sellers name, address and date of sale
  • All sales must be recorded by video and include the face of the seller, the license plate of the vehicle used to transport the material and of the material being purchased
  • All sales tickets must have location of sale, date and time of the sale, as well as the initials of the clerk completing the sale.
    • Must also show the weight, quantity and/or volume of the material.
    • Must include a general description of the material and if the material is insulated.
    • Sales tickets must be signed by the seller.  Seller will receive a copy of the receipt and buyer will retain a copy.

         ·            Buyer must report purchased vehicle information to NMVTIS

         ·            Tag and hold policy is in effect (for a minimum of 90 days)

NOTE:  Please be aware of your local ordinances.  Many cities and counties have additional ordinances that may not be listed here.

Keep records, certifications, registrations, etc. on site for 3 years. 

Scrap recyclers must maintain a record of all purchases for a minimum of three years and is subject to inspection by any law enforcement at any time. There is a tag-and-hold policy for a minimum of 90 days when notified by law enforcement to do so.  (Purchase of aluminum beverage cans only are exempt from this rule.)

Personal information of all clients must be kept confidential except to law enforcement agents.

***All vehicles sold for scrap must have a valid title or other proof of ownership.

No scrap metal business may purchase or receive beer kegs from anyone except a distributor or manufacturer of beer kegs or licensed brewery.

All payments must be made with a non-transferrable check made payable to the seller or a money transfer.

Every scrap metal dealer shall register with and participate in the criminal alert network. The dealer shall ensure that the dealer’s system for receiving incoming notices from the network is in proper working order and ready to receive incoming notices. The dealer shall check the system for incoming notices twice each day the business is open, once upon opening and then again before closing. The dealer shall inform all employees involved in the purchasing or receiving of scrap metal of alerts received relating to scrap metal of the type that might be conceivably sold to the dealer. In addition, the dealer shall post copies of the alerts in a conspicuous location.

***Beginning in January 2015, all operators and dealers must enter information into the Automatic Property System.

Links to Other Important Information for Minnesota Salvage/Recycling

Auto-Parts Salvage/Recycling

·         Scrap Tires – https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=115A.902&year=2011

·         Environmental Safety pertaining to junkyards — https://www.revisor.mn.gov/topics/?type=statute&id=S3965036&year=2011

·         Regulations for scrap yards and junkyards — www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=325E.21  


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