Hawaii scrap metal prices

Scrap Metal Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum Alloy$0.83
Steel Scrap$0.20
Steel Rebar$0.31

Scrap Aluminum Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum 1100$0.83
Aluminum 3003$0.83
Aluminum 356 Wheels (clean)$0.83
Aluminum 356 Wheels (dirty)$0.59
Aluminum 5052 Scrap$1.12
Aluminum 6061 Extrusions$0.73
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions$0.97
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions/Fe$0.71
Aluminum/Cu Radiators$1.95
Aluminum/Cu/Fe Radiators$1.80
Aluminum Radiators$0.47
Aluminum/Fe Radiators$0.35
Breakage 50% Recovery$0.26
Chrome Wheels$0.78
E.C. Wire$1.29
Litho Sheets$0.83
Mixed Turnings$0.48
MLC Clips$0.82
Aluminum Old Cast$0.79
Aluminum Old Sheet$0.78
Painted Siding$0.77
Zorba 90% NF$0.78
Aluminum Cans (clean)$0.60
Aluminum Cans (dirty)$0.30

Scrap Brass Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Red Brass$2.24
Yellow Brass$2.11
Brass Rod$2.06
Brass Hair Wire$2.21
Brass Pipe$2.01
Brass Radiators$1.71
Brass Shells$1.90
Brass Turnings$1.94
Bronze Turnings$1.20
Dirty Brass$1.00
Dirty Brass Radiators$1.00
Plumbers Brass$2.01
Semi-Red Brass$2.04

Scrap Copper Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire$3.76
#1 Copper Tubing$3.51
#1 Flashing Copper$3.51
#2 Copper Tubing$3.31
#2/3 Mix Copper$3.21
#3 Copper with Tar$3.01
#3 Roofing Copper$3.11
Dirty Roofing Copper$2.91
Electric Motors – Copper$2.61
Enameled Copper$2.96
Insulated Copper Wire$3.01
Lead Coated Copper$2.54
Silver Plated Copper$3.21
Tin Coated Copper$2.81
Tin Insulated Copper Wire$2.81

Scrap Lead Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Lead Batteries$0.25
Lead Shot$0.57
Lead Wheel Weights$0.36
Solid Lead$0.76
Soft Lead$0.78

Scrap Zinc Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
New Zinc Die Cast$0.83
Old Zinc Die Cast$0.72

Scrap Gold Prices

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce
9ct Gold$25.72$799.89
14ct Gold$40.12$1,247.83
18ct Gold$51.43$1,599.79
22ct Gold$62.82$1,953.89
24ct Gold$68.57$2,132.84

Scrap Prices for other Precious Metals

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce

Scrap Prices for Steel per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
#1 Bundle$0.11
#1 Busheling$0.11
#1 HMS$0.08
HMS 80/20$0.07
Sheet Metal$0.06
Shredded Auto Scrap$0.09
Structural Steel$0.08

Scrap Prices for Stainless Steel per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
201 SS$0.33
301 SS$0.50
304 SS Solid$0.71
304 SS Turning$0.62
309 SS$0.93
310 SS$1.41
316 SS Solid$0.93
330 SS$2.30

Scrap Prices for other Ferrous Metals per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Scrap #1 Prepared$0.09
Scrap #2 Prepared$0.10
Scrap #1 Unprepared$0.07
Scrap #2 Unprepared$0.07
Scrap Auto Slabs Whole$0.08
Scrap Cast Iron$0.12
Scrap Dishwashers$0.08
Scrap Dryers$0.08
Scrap Oversize Torch$0.11
Scrap Rebar$0.23
Scrap Washing Machines$0.08
Scrap Water Heaters$0.08

Legal Mandates Hawaii

Updated January 2014

State Requirements

In order to sell scrap metal, sellers will be required to:

  •  Allow a copy of the seller’s a driver’s license or state ID card;
  • If the material is copper, a copy of the contractor license is required and must be kept on file (if no license is available you cannot purchase the copper and must contact law enforcement);
  • Sign a statement indicating that they are the owner of or are authorized to sell the metal;
  • Sign a statement that they have not been convicted of metal theft. This statement must be signed by seller, include date and time of transaction and include a witness signature by the buyer.

Buyer’s must:

  • Record license plate number of sellers vehicle used to transport scrap
  • A video or photograph of the seller and the material being sold (if the material is copper or a beer keg), including a description and weight of the material.
  • Keep a record of sellers name, address, occupation and date of sale
  • All sales tickets must have location of sale, date and time of the sale, as well as the initials of the clerk completing the sale.
    • Must also show the weight, quantity and/or volume of the material.
    • Sales tickets must be signed by the seller.  Seller will receive a copy of the receipt and buyer will retain a copy.

         ·            Buyer must report purchased vehicle information to NMVTIS

         ·            Tag and hold policies are in effect (up to 15 days)

NOTE:  Know your local ordinances.  Cities and counties can have different ordinances than the state.

No scrap metal business may purchase or receive beer kegs from anyone except a distributor or manufacturer of beer kegs or licensed brewery.

No scrap metal business may purchase copper without a valid contractor’s license.

Keep records, certifications, registrations, etc. on site for 2 years. 

Scrap recyclers must maintain a record of all purchases for a minimum of two years and is subject to inspection by any law enforcement at any time. There is a 15-day tag-and-hold policy when notified by law enforcement to do so.

Links to Other Important Information for Hawaii Salvage/Recycling

Auto-Parts Salvage/Recycling

·         Tires – http://healthuser.hawaii.gov/health/environmental/waste/sw/pdf/tirerecycintrm.pdf

·         Metal recycling – http://www.co.maui.hi.us/documents/Environmental%20Management/Solid%20Waste%20Division/ISWMP%20-%20Solid%20Waste%20Plan/Maui%20ISWMP%20Chapter%2010%20FINAL%20-%20Metal%202-17-09.PDF

o    Copper: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2012/Bills/HB2107_.PDF

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